Movement Psychology is a an acting technique created by dancer  Yat Malgrem which combines Laban’s movement system with G.C. Jung’s dream psychology to inhabit authentic, playful characters.

Using our body we look for the truth, the essence. Simple exercices let us explore different archetypes, the space, our centres and the people around us. 

We observe, listen, play, let go, discover and rediscover and hopefully have lots of fun.

Laura studied acting at Drama Centre London and works as a freelance actress in film, dance, theatre and voice over.

Whilst studying she danced in a Sasha Waltz production of Carmen and toured with the Alchemist Theatre Company to the Edinburgh Festival. In England she worked with Marina Abramovic, Terry Johnson at the Hampstead Theatre and with Splitmoon Theatre on Dostoevsky’s Demons. In Switzerland she played at Gessnerallee Zurich, Bernhard Theater and Theater Chur often collaborating with 400asa. 

She writes, produces and is co-founder of the International all-female theatre company Blauhauch who combines theatre, ceative writing and spiritual practices like lucid dreaming to create original stage plays and workshops. 

Laura strongly believes that art is there to speak the truth, reveal, free and empower everyone to find what makes them happy.